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A beautiful hardwood staircase adds a whole other dimension to your home. It brings a focal point to your house and it is a beautiful addition that will increase the value of any home. Our highly experienced team will work with you to create a design that fits your style and vision but also stays within your budget so you will completely satisfied with our work.

We have an excellent selection of solid and engineered hardwood just like in our flooring section. This selection includes woods like maple, bamboo, oak and cherry so you can choose whatever hardwood fits your home best.

We offer a wide variety of custom staircases to completely make your home yours. We can build just a normal staircase or a spiral staricase, we can do almost anything you can imagine.

If you dont want to re-do your whole staircase but still want a little bit of extra style then we can re-do the stairs' handrails to give your staircase a little bit of extra flair and style. We will create a beautiful design for the handrail that will also go with your current staircase but still give it something extra.

Call Davey Hardwood Floors for your next staircase project. Don't be afraid of a new staircase, we will create something beautiful for your home that will give your home a nice focal point but will also increase your homes value.

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