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Our experts understand that a good looking hardwood or tile floor is important and we take pride in making sure it does. Because of this we offer full installation of hardwood or tile flooring. Our experts are always taking every measure to guarantee that the job is done correctly and professionally. Our team has over 20 years of experience under their belts so they understand what it takes to make a hardwood or tile floor look its best and they will stop at nothing until the job is done right and up to your standards.

We at Davey Hardwood Floors always guarantee a professional job and experience, so call us for your next floor installation project.


When your hardwood floor starts to look a little bit worn then let us turn back time and make it look brand new again with our refinishing services. Our experts will treat your current hardwood with nothing but care to ensure no damage will be done and a clean, brand new looking hardwood floor will be the outcome.

If you notice that your wood floors are looking a bit dim and boring then call Davey Hardwood Floors to transform your floor into something beautiful again.

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